500+ participants / 80+ speakers
20+ panels


BSC Young Leaders

The BSC Young Leaders has a mission to empower young people in the Western Balkans and create new generations of decision-makers and opinion-dormers capable of bringing change. We aim to encourage them to participate in essential discussions actively, amplify the youth perspective, and leverage their skills and experiences to analyze and address the most pressing challenges that young individuals in the region face today.

This program is held alongside the Belgrade Security Conference.

During this time, a group of young professionals, students, or activists with a background in or a demonstrated interest in the fields of security, reconciliation, politics, or youth policies engage with experienced psychologists and facilitators to delve into the pressing issues affecting youth in their respective countries. This exploration is guided by their personal experiences and professional backgrounds, where applicable.

Following these discussions, the program offers a platform for participants to interact with influential figures from various spheres, including culture, education, politics, and activism. Additionally, participants have the chance to visit the main events of the Belgrade Security Conference. This presents a unique opportunity for them to connect with decision-makers, experts, and professionals in their areas of interest, broadening their understanding of the most critical issues concerning security and democracy today.