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Day 2

15:00 – 16:00

State Capture in the Western Balkans and the World

State capture is a concept that denotes the internal political and socio-economic situation in countries such as Serbia, Hungary or South Africa.  It implies the collapse of the division of power, the unavailability of institutions to citizens, and the exploitation of positions of power and authority for the sake of personal gain. This political endeavour has been carried out in countries for years, creating a narrow circle of individuals at the top of the government who are not only making financial gains, but are also concentrating all the power in their own hands. The fight against state capture requires continuous efforts to strengthen and liberate institutions and ensure transparency and accountability of government. This panel aims to answer the question on how to start the process of state de-capture by sharing experiences and mechanisms from different countries of the world.

Reinhard Priebe
Philip T. Reeker
Lenche Ristoska
Jelena Pejić Nikić
Ivor Chipkin




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