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Day 3

12:30 – 14:00
(parallel sessions)

Table-Top Exercise: Cross-border Communication in Times of Cyber Crisis

As the Western Balkans is undergoing accelerated digitization across all segments of society, cybersecurity is entering the debate. The increased use of information and communication technology carries both great potential and new risks. A string of cyber incidents in the region has served as a reminder that preventing and responding to such events requires communication and collaboration between stakeholders, across borders and at various levels, including the political and diplomatic communities. The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue will facilitate a table-top exercise based on a fictional escalating crisis scenario. Participants will play how to respond to a major cyber incident that puts government, industry and civil society under stress. This will serve as the basis on which to discuss readiness in the region to respond to such incidents, identify strengths and potential procedural gaps, as well as possible ways ahead.

In partnership with the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, it is our pleasure to invite you to take part in the Table-Top Exercise. Due to limited number of spots, prior registration is required. Please register here.



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