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Day 3

10:15 – 11:15

The US and Europe: What Transatlantic Alliance the World Needs?

As a response to the Russian aggression against Ukraine and the unprecedented challenge to the very notion of sovereignty of states and the established principle of non-aggression it presented, two traditionally neutral nations – Sweden and Finland – decided to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  The Republic of Finland became a member of NATO on 4 April 2023, while Sweden is expecting to become a member in the coming months as the result of the removal of the veto from Turkey. What does this mean for the remaining neutral states on the European continent? What does it mean for Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina? Are current security arrangements within the framework of the NATO Partnership for Peace sufficient to repel future threats of destabilisation coming from Russia or other, third malign actors? By answering these questions, this panel will help us address the issue of the future of NATO and its importance for the security architecture of the entire European continent.

Thomas Countryman
Rachel Rizzo
Eric Nelson
Milan Nič
Rosa Balfour




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