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H.E. Emanuele Giaufret: EU is more united than ever

October 27, 2022 by BSC0

H.E. Emanuele Giaufret, Head of Delegation of the EU to Serbia, began by highlighting the suffering and economic hardship generated by attacks on critical Ukrainian energy infrastructure. Giaufret proceeded to emphasize how the current conflict threatens democracy and calls into question the stability of the current international order. Despite these challenges, the war has promoted more unity among the population of EU member states.

The EU remains a champion of rule-based order and it grows stronger with every crisis, Giaufret highlighted.

Giaufret contended that the EU is more integrated than ever with increased unity across fiscal, monetary and foreign policy. Giaufret suggested an important safeguard against authoritarianism would be to build resilience against malign interferences by investing in media freedom and independent journalism.

“We have to defend ourselves from foreign autocracies’ hybrid attacks on our democratic order. Russian media are used as an instrument to push fake narratives. Russia is not only bombing Ukraine, but also bombing people’s minds and spirit, including in the Western Balkans,” said Giaufret.

The EU is aiming to implement measures to boost its own resilience against corruption and misinformation.

“The Russian invasion has put the restructuring of EU energy policy at the top of our priorities,” said Giaufret. 

Giaufret emphasized that reform was central to facilitating the process of accession for Western Balkan countries. Looking to the future, he added that “we are looking for stronger and faster engagement with the Western Balkans”.

“Western Balkan countries should seize this window of opportunity and advance on their European path. We see them as future members and that is why we are trying to include the region in some of the most important initiatives we have launched, such as the green agenda and the platform for joint gas procurement.”


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