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Final Remarks and Closing of the Conference 

October 13, 2023 by BSC0


Final Remarks and the closing of the Conference were preceded by the presentation of the statement of Serbian civil society organizations, read by Jelica Minić, President of the European Movement in Serbia. The statement urged the international community to act on the situation in Serbia, through ensuring the implementation of five key points. 



Bojan Elek, Deputy Director of the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy, stated in his closing remarks that the Conference had the very difficult task of trying to understand and begin to reconstruct the global order from disorder, which is unvailing before all our eyes.  

While summing up the whole conference he pointed out the wide array of topics that were discussed – from the European Political Community, state capture, unmasking election meddlers, the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, to feminist foreign policy, cyber security, and philanthropy. Mister Elek added that this conference was special because of the first Lighthouse Award“ ceremony. 



Srđan Cvijić, President of the International Advisory Committee of the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy, started the final address of the Conference by expressing sorrow that only one representative of the government attended the Conference, added that „the regime actively tries to make our job more difficult“ and expressed the wish that all invited persons will be allowed to come to the conference in the following year. He thanked all the partners who helped the organization of the Conference, from civil society organizations to media and individual speakers and participants. Finally, mister Cvijić thanked the staff that organized the Conference for their hard work and unrelenting support.   



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