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Human Rights are a Precondition for Security

October 28, 2022 by BSC

All panelists agreed that human rights are a precondition for security development. Subsequently, countries should never choose between development and human rights. Oya Dursun-Ozkanca, Chair of International Studies from Elizabethtown College, emphasized that human rights are a bridge between security and development. Human rights seek inclusive and accountable institutions that belong to people and are linked to a positive peace context.  

It was highlighted that Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are set as norms, rather than legally binding rules. Marija Fileva, Advisor to the Prime Minister of North Macedonia, noted that this is an obstacle for further implementation oof SDGs. Fileva also noted that SDGs reach everyone in the same way: they neglect specific local or regional needs. 

“We have a human obligation, not only to develop sustainability in society, but also to make the society feel and be secure,” she added.  

Lauren Lowe, a researcher in the field of gender, peace, and security, emphasized that a bottom-up approach is needed regarding the analysis and implementation of current SDGs. In addition, she stressed the importance of better cross-sector communication. 

Lastly, researcher Mabda Haerunnisa Fajrilla Sidiq described the Concept of digital/cyber sovereignty, which relates to how states are building their online ecosystems in order to keep them stable. She noted that China is currently defining what is normal in a lot of cyberspaces. Developing nations are particularly reliant on internet development, and subsequent cyberthreats are growing in relevance. She noted that ensuring human rights in cyberspace should not be selective, adding that the internet should empower its users.  

Finally, the moderator of the panel, Luka Glusac, Assistant Director and Research Fellow at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, asked the panelists about the role of human rights in the nexus of security and development. The panelists all agreed on the great importance of human rights in this nexus. Its role should be further acknowledged.