400+ participants / 50+ speakers / 15+ panels


Day 1

Black Sea Region at the Boiling Point

12:00 – 13:00



Alexandru Flenchea

Director, Initiative 4 Peace

Alexandru Flenchea is the Director of Initiative 4 Peace Association,  former Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration, former chief negotiator for Transnistria talks, Moldova.

Alexandru Flenchea has 19 years of experience in conflict settlement and peace negotiations, mediation, peace-building and peace transformation. He served as Deputy Prime Minister for reintegration and Moldova’s chief negotiator in the 5+2 talks for Transnistria settlement (2019-2020). Prior to that he had worked for both national and international bodies – as Head of the Bureau of Reintegration in the Moldovan Government (2019), UNDP (2018-1019), OSCE Mission to Moldova (2012-2018), US Embassy to Moldova (2008-2012) and Ministry of Reintegration (2003-2008). In January 2022 Alexandru Flenchea founded Initiative 4 Peace (I4P) Association where he serves as Director. Initiative 4 Peace is an NGO which brought together a group of established professionals with expertise in peace-building and mediation, military and political-military, strategic communication, economy and social security, gender and law-making. I4P activities include policy support, countering disinformation and propaganda and civic education programmes.