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Alexandra Matas

Director of International Security Dialogue, Geneva Centre for Security Policy

Alexandra Matas is the Director of International Security Dialogue at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. Her work focuses on analysis of key developments and emerging issues in International Security, and on providing policy advice to the Director of the Centre. She also designs, and oversees, a number of dialogue processes in Geneva, and internationally, focused on relations between Russia and the West, European Security,  OSCE conflict prevention mechanisms, reforms and post-war reconstruction in Syria, as well as others. From November 2022 Ms Matas was appointed as a Steering Committee member of the OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions. Her research interests include European Security, the OSCE, and the relationships between Russia and other Eurasian countries. Previously, Ms Matas was the Deputy Head of the Diplomatic Dialogue at the GCSP, whose aim it is to promote inclusive dialogue on current geopolitical issues, and act as a supporting body to existing peace processes. Ms Matas joined the GCSP in January 2011. Prior to joining the Centre, she worked at the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) on Foreign Direct Investments promotion. She also has experience working in the private sector for Crédit Suisse, in their Trade Finance department.