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“The World is Not Safe if it Cannot Be Improved”

October 28, 2022 by BSC

The first day of the Belgrade Security Conference concluded with a special event: “The Relevance of Vojin Dimitrijevic’s Pioneering Book on Security in International Relations 50 Years Later.” Sonja Tošković, Executive Director of Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, and Filip Ejdus, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade, commemorated Vojin Dimitrijević and his contributions to human rights advocacy and international relations.

Sonja Tošković expressed her respect for Vojin and his constant fight for human rights. She recalled that Vojin founded the Belgrade Center for Human Rights in 1995, noting that  ‘’Vojin was not only the founder of our organization, but he was also the professor, human rights defender, and the voice. He was the voice of the people, the voice of reason, and the voice of tolerance.’’ 

Filip Ejdus discussed the importance of Vojin’s book “The Reign of Terror’.” He explained how Vojin Dimitrijevic anticipated debates in security studies a decade before they became mainstream. He emphasised importance of non-military and psychological dimensions of security. Ejdus concluded his speech with a powerful quote from the late Vojin: ‘’the world cannot be safe if it cannot be saved peacefully.”