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This year`s Belgrade Security Conference organized in memoriam of Vojin Dimitrijevic

October 12, 2022 by bsc

“The fight against the reign of terror must continue to be carried out by brave and dignified people within every community.”

Although written in 1984, these words of Vojin Dimitrijević are more relevant today than ever. This is precisely why this year’s Belgrade Security Conference will be dedicated to a prominent human rights defender and fighter for democracy Vojin Dimitrijević (1932 – 2012), on the occasion of ten years since his death.

The goal of the Belgrade Security Conference is to gather brave thinkers from around the world and encourage them to start an honest dialogue, exchange ideas and propose new policies that should influence the world we live in today. This year, we will do it in honor and memory of Vojin Dimitrijević, who consistently and tirelessly advocated for democracy and tolerance throughout his life.

Vojin Dimitrijević was the founder and long-term director of the Belgrade Center for Human Rights, a professor of international law and international relations, and a human rights defender. Dimitrijević was the vice president of the UN Human Rights Committee, a member of the Institute of International Law, the Venice Commission – European Commission for Democracy through Law, and an ad hoc judge of the International Court of Justice. He was a full professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade until 1998 when he retired due to his opposition to the then retrograde University Law.