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Day 1

14:15 – 15:15

Energy Diversification in Southeast Europe

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the energy crisis it unleashed have also triggered a debate on the future of energy security in Southeast Europe.

Many countries in Southeast Europe depend on Russia for their gas supply. However, the war in Ukraine has raised the issue of whether it is smart to rely for gas supply on one source alone.

Serbia and Romania are two countries whose positions in the European energy security architecture substantially differ. While Serbia depends on Russia for its gas supply, Romania barely imports any Russian gas. The Belgrade Centre for Security Policy and the New Strategy Center have undertaken to analyze the energy security profile of the two countries, the political and geopolitical dynamics at play, and the implications for the rest of the region of Southeast Europe. The panel will address these issues and propose policy solutions on how Serbia and Romania can work together bilaterally in tackling long-term energy security challenges.

Sergiu Mitrescu
Vuk Vuksanovic
Aleksandar Macura
Jasminka Young




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