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Day 2

18:15 – 19:15

Kosovo and Serbia – Escaping the Dead-End

Twenty-three years after the end of the war and almost ten years after the signing of the Brussels agreement, it seems that the outcome of the Kosovo issue is not in sight.

Even during negotiations on technical agreements, such as those on the mutual recognition of personal documents or car plates, tensions rise to the brink of conflict, while the existing obligations are not implemented. Although it seemed that the Ukrainian war could accelerate the resolution of this issue due to Western actors’ need to prevent the further expansion of Russian influence in the region, not much progress has been made. New agreement frameworks are proposed, deadlines are discussed, France and Germany appointed envoys for the Kosovo issue, and there is increasing pressure on the two sides to speed up the solution. However, it seems more and more that the whole process is stuck in the two actors’ multi-layered international, regional and national dynamics.

What are the internal dynamics of the relationship between the Albanian and Serbian communities in Kosovo? What are the potential scenarios for the continuation of the Kosovo dispute? Will new initiatives and more intense involvement of European and American diplomats affect speeding up the achievement of a solution? Is it possible to apply some elements of dispute resolution from the region, such as the Prespa Agreement? What conditions should be met for peace to be possible?

Besnik Bislimi
Nikola Dimitrov
Jovana Radosavljevic
Dušan Janjić
Engjellushe Morina




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