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Day 2

17:00 – 18:00

Security Architecture in Europe after the War in Ukraine

A decade ago, NATO’s Strategic Concept referred to Russia as a strategic partner and did not make any mention of China. In the meantime, reality has changed radically.

Russia has launched aggression against neighbouring Ukraine, striking at the basic principles of international law while opening Pandora’s box of nuclear threats. In Europe, China has become not only an economic competitor to the West but also a security challenger who, for the first time, openly opposed the further expansion of NATO together with Russia. On the other hand, the Ukrainian war effectively contributed to the consolidation and expansion of NATO, as well as the EU’s long-term determination to become a stronger and more capable actor in security and defence.

What are the biggest challenges in protecting civilians in the war in Ukraine? What will the security framework look like in Europe after the war in Ukraine? In what direction will NATO evolve, and what further development of the EU strategic autonomy brings? Is the concept of neutrality still sustainable, or will countries outside geopolitics divisions have to opt for one of the actors? In the future, what will the security concepts and structures focus on – defending the values they are based on or struggling to preserve people’s lives and the integrity of states?

Karsten Friis
Stefan Lehne
Thomas Greminger
Marta Martinelli
Ivana Dragičević




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