500+ participants / 80+ speakers / 20+ panels


Meet the panelists of the Belgrade Security Conference 2023!

October 6, 2023 by BSC


We are proud to host the second edition of the BSC conference with an amazing lineup of speakers and topics. 


You can check the BSC 2023 Agenda with a complete list of panels and panelists here


The Belgrade Security Conference 2023 (BSC), the largest conference on foreign policy and security in the Western Balkans, will be held on 11-13 October 2023 in Belgrade under the auspices of the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP), titled “Reconstructing the Global (Dis)order.”

This year, the Belgrade Security Conference (BSC) aims to explore the current state of the global order and the multifaceted factors contributing to its disruption and propose strategies for reconstructing a more effective approach to global security. The BSC 2023 will try to address all these pressing issues and encourage open and honest discussion, brave and lucid ideas, and innovative and out-of-the-box solutions. The BSC 2023 is dedicated to Milovan Milovanović, a Serbian statesman and diplomat born 160 years ago and considered “the greatest European amongst the Balkan politicians” of his time.


During 20 panel discussions, the BSC will gather over 80 panelists from over 20 countries worldwide. Among the topics that will be discussed during the three-day conference are different scenarios for the future of Ukraine and the entire continent, the current challenges and proposals for the reform of the UN Security Council, the current state of Serbia-Kosovo relations, and other potential sources of instability in the region, the future of NATO and its importance for the security architecture, the fight for human rights, feminist foreign policy in times of war, the processes of state de-capture and more.


Five days to go. We are looking forward to welcoming you next week!