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Milan Jovanović

Analyst, Digital Forensic Center

Milan Jovanović is an analyst at the Digital Forensic Center (DFC), which is the first digital hub of its kind in the Western Balkans devoted to countering foreign influence and disinformation, that have had a goal of destabilizing democratic processes in both Montenegro and wider Western Balkan region.

He specializes in OSINT research (open source investigation), focusing on the topics of technology, digital information environments and their implications for national security. Since 2018, he has been conducting briefings, workshops and trainings on disinformation, media and digital literacy.

In addition to formal education, he participated in various types of specialized trainings, courses and conferences mainly related to security, foreign influence and OSINT research.

He regularly publishes articles in Montenegrin and foreign media from his areas of expertise. Milan is a co-author of research on Russia’s influence in the information environment in the Western Balkans published by the NATO StratCom Centre of Excellence.