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Day 2

12:30 – 13:30

Human Dimension of Security in the Western Balkans – Is There a Protection for Human Rights Defenders?

The time to act is now to ensure protection for those that work to protect us.

Harsh work atmospheres, harassment, violation of rights, threats, and intimidation have become a reality for human rights defenders in the Balkans.

  • Are HRDs in a better or worse position in the Western Balkan than 5 years ago?
  • How has the position of HRDs in the Region changed?
  • What are the reasons behind the changes? Is it due to an external influence or internal political issues?
  • What types of attacks/pressures against HRDs are most common?
  • Is there an effective system for HRDs to receive legal protection in criminal, civil, and administrative procedures? Is there an effective legal remedy?
  • Do HRDs have access to free legal aid? Can they count on the support of local CSOs and networks, independent bodies, etc.?
  • Do HRDs address the international human rights protection mechanisms, and with what success (ECHR, UN committees, UN special procedures, etc.)?

Video message:
Dunja Mijatović

Nils Muiznieks
Katalin Cseh
Ivan Novosel
Katarina Golubovic
Jovana Spremo




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