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Day 1

09:30 – 10:30

Ukraine Under Attack: A View from Kyiv

As seen from Kyiv, the Russian war against Ukraine has been ongoing since 2014, when the Kremlin annexed Crimea and instigated and backed pro-Russian separatists in the eastern area of Donbas.

In the current phase of the war, which started on 24 February 2022 and moved from a geographically confined clash to an all-out invasion, Ukraine has surprised many observers who predicted the country’s quick defeat with its resilience, tenacity, and internal cohesion.

The Western community might have failed to consider the internal dynamics and their impact on Ukraine’s ability to prevail against all odds over Russia and its determination to forge its own path by joining the European community of nations in the EU.

This panel will focus on such dynamics to understand how the war has changed Ukraine, what Ukrainians think about the war and possible paths to peace, and how the nation envisions a post-war future.

Mykhailo Samus
Mariia Zolkina
Hlib Vyshlinsky
Liliana Filipchuk
Iskra Kirova




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