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Day 2

15:00 – 16:00
(parallel sessions)

Russia: A Global Outcast or Still a Desirable Partner?

One of the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been the breakdown of Moscow’s relations with its traditionally dominant security and economic partners in the West, the EU and the US. Faced with a long period of future estrangement and even hostility with the West, Russia is forced to look for new allies, primarily in Asia, but also in the Global South. In parallel, in order to achieve its strategic goals, Russia is trying to influence the political and societal actors within the EU, the US and regions such as the Western Balkans that are favourably looking towards Moscow’s agenda. What can be expected of Russia’s new partnerships in Asia, the Middle East and Africa? What means is Russia using to achieve its strategic goals in the West (EU, US, EU candidate countries), and how they differ from those that are being used in the Global South? What are the implications of these changes for Russia, these regions, and the world as a whole? These are some of the main questions that will be discussed.

Hanna Notte
Mikhail Korostikov
Helena Ivanov
Roberta Raducu
Wouter Zweers




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